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March Updates!

Hi to anyone checking in,

We’ve eased out of the slowest part of the year (January, February) and into a busy spring! Here are some of our upcoming events:

  • We’ll start a book drive in partnership with our local Rotary Club after Spring Break–members have already decorated boxes to be placed around the school!
  • The Masquerade Ball, held to benefit Amnesty International and bring the issue of women’s rights to greater prominence within both the club and the school, will be happening Saturday, March 29th.
  • Brazos Valley Earth Day will be Saturday, April 5th! Interactors will be aiding with this event.
  • Our Hunger Banquet is tentatively scheduled for Friday, April 11th–we’ll be partnering with Consol’s Food Pantry to enlighten attendees on hunger problems both in our own community and globally.
  • The annual Don’t Mess With Texas Trash-Off will be Saturday, April 12th! Interact has its own team for this.

Amidst all that, we’re also about to start president elections and new officer elections! Please email consolinteractclub[at] if you’re interested in any of the above!

Also, With Love Poetry photos and videos can now be found on the photos page, so go check that out for some very (harmonious) fun.

Here’s to a very productive spring–from your friendly Interact Webmaster!

Crazy For Charity Club Relay Race

Congratulations to Consol’s Gay Straight Alliance for winning the second annual Crazy for Charity Club Relay Race, as hosted by Interact! Their team, as led by president Sophia Woodward, won $200 to the organization of their choice, the Human Rights Campaign.



Interact hosted this race on Saturday, Nov. 23 in the school cafeteria, where seven teams competed to win their combined pool of entry fees for charity. The project was led by secretary Kiara Hays and treasurer Priyansi Kikani.

Interact’s next project will be a hot chocolate and pastries stand set up to raise funds for the Philippines in December!

Some Quick, Quick Updates

Hey! Still hanging around?

We just wrapped up the Pencil Project–over a thousand pencils will be going to an underprivileged school in New Jersey this year! Thanks so much to the Interactors and other Consol students who contributed to this success.

Additionally, if you’re seeking volunteer opportunities, you can contact us in the following ways:

  • Email: consolinteractclub[at]
  • Facebook group: here
  • Twitter: @Consol_Interact

Some upcoming things:

  • Points sheets are due next Monday! Try to have a minimum of 30 points, please.
  • Special Olympics field trip forms are ALSO due next Monday! The trip is Friday, Oct. 11. 

As usual, we’d love to hear your questions, concerns, volunteer opp suggestions, or general thoughts!

–love, your friendly Interact Webmaster 

January Update!

Confession: I’ve been a bad webmaster, but it’s a new year…so, new page, right?

Anyway, here’s what’s going on:

  • Our January International Movie Night is this Saturday, January 19! It’s 6:30 at Ariana’s house. Check your email or the Facebook group for an address. Bring an ethnic dish to share!
  • With Love Poetry is getting started! Basically, we’re selling poems that get delivered to your friends on Valentine’s Day…recited, sung, belted out, rapped, you name it, we do it. The proceeds go to the D.C. Creative Writing Foundation. Be sure to submit your own poems to us by next Friday (the 25th). You’ll get 4 points per poem (4 max).
  • Talk to Bettie if you want to do MS-150…get in shape, help fight multiple sclerosis. Do it.

Next meeting…January 28th!